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Wellness Campaigns

Wellkids School Campaign

The Wellkid School Campaign is a free service provided by the Vitabiotics’ Wellbrands in conjunction with our Nigerian distributor- Pinnacle Pharmaceuticals. 

In this Campaign, parents, students, and teachers are given a presentation highlighting how a modern lifestyle is causing a host of illnesses and reduced personal performance both in school and in later life.

In addition, a large wooden box filled with good planting soil, a variety of seeds that students can plant and a mini booklet about planting are provided.

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Sample Days

During our weekly sample days, our specialised team display our products and provide the customers with detailed information on the benefits, the effect on the body, the different nutrients included, the correct dosage and how to use our supplements at nearby pharmacies.


Wellman Boxing

Wellman Boxing club started as a community outreach, which was launched purely a a give back to the Lagos community. It was originally to a small group of boxers focused on giving young people an outlet, improving fitness and learning to set goals. Wellman Boxing equipment was provided such as gloves, headgear, speed ball, pads and a heavy bag, along with Wellman and Wellwoman capsules to help with energy release and overall health.


Perfectil SPA Campaign

Perfectil is a specialized beauty supplement to complement your daily beauty regime targeting skin, hair, and nails.

This campaign is anchored by “Perfectil Nigeria” with a wonderful opportunity to be the “Winner of the Perfectil Beauty Basket”, which is worth over N40,000.

The contest is run between spas and customers of spas in Lagos, to receive Perfectil Beauty Basket, which includes Perfectil Platinium x 1 month, Perfectil triple action for 3 months and other promotional items.

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Bone Density Checks

A bone density test determines if you have osteoporosis — a disorder characterized by bones that are more fragile and more likely to break.  The bones that are most commonly tested are the forearm. 

These tests are done with our specialised team at nearby pharmacies.