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The eye is a vital organ of the body responsible for vision. It is estimated that 1.13 million individuals aged ≥40 years are currently blind in Nigeria. The Northwest geopolitical zone harbors the largest number of adults with blindness in Nigeria being the zone with the largest population.

The eye requires proper care but often neglected. It is important to visit the Optometrist (eye doctor) routinely for regular eye examination to prevent and manage eye related issues. In Nigeria, the eye health is only remembered when the vision becomes critical, which may result to blindness. Individuals with family history of cataract, glaucoma and other age-related eye disorders need to regularly visit eye clinics for routine eye checks. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, can significantly improve the quality of your vision.

Good nutritional intake which includes consumption of bright coloured fruits and vegetables play important roles in enhancing the vision. Studies have shown that smoking, can make you susceptible to age related eye diseases and other eye conditions such as cataract. Smoking can also damage the optic nerves, which can have adverse effects on your vision overtime. Sufficient fluid intake is essential to your body’s overall wellbeing, including the eyes. If you’re hydrated enough, you prevent your eyes from getting dry and irritated. Exposure to sunlight and UV rays increases your risk for age-related eye disorders. So aside from making a fashion statement and adding to your overall look, put on those sunglasses to protect your eyes. If wearing them is not up your alley, UV-protected eyeglasses or contact lenses will do. Putting on caps, visors and hats are also advisable.

Supplements play a vital role in keeping the organs of the body healthy. The eye requires essentials vitamins and minerals which contain antioxidants which helps to protect the eyes from harmful effects of free radicals that can damage healthy cells needed to maintain the normal functioning of the eyes.

Visionace formulation provides a comprehensive array of nutritional supplement which food alone cannot provide for the optimum functioning of the eyes. It contains the recommended daily allowance needed by the eyes. Supplement such as Visionace contain nutrients which helps to slow the rate of avoidable eye defects. Visionace is suitable for persons 18 years and above. Best taken with main meal for better absorption and to avoid mild stomach irritations such as nausea or vomiting. Readily available in reputable pharmacy outlets in Nigeria.


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