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Maintaining Healthy Bones All year Long

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Our bones play numerous roles in our body, including providing structure (imagine the flesh without bones to provide shape), protecting our organs, serving as anchor for our muscles, and storing calcium which is an essential element for our bone health. The body generates new bone faster than it breaks down old ones when you are young which contributes to your bone mass, but this is not the case as you advance in age and that makes elderly people more susceptible to bone diseases like osteoporosis. While it is critical to develop strong, healthy bones during childhood and adolescent age, you can also protect your bones as an adult.

A healthy lifestyle, diet modification and supplementation can improve the quality of your bone health. Here are a few tips to know this Christmas and for the coming year:

  • Calcium: You do not want to play it safe when it comes to calcium. Low-calcium diet leads to decreased bone density, early bone loss, and a higher risk of fractures. Dairy products, almonds, broccoli, kale, sardines, soy products and meat bones are all good sources of calcium. Ensure that at least of these foods are available in your daily consumption especially if you are not taking calcium supplements on the side.

  • Vitamin D: It is not enough to eat calcium rich foods. Vitamin D is required for calcium absorption and that makes it equally important in your bone health journey. One of the ways through which our body gets vitamin D is the sunlight. If you are worried that you are not getting enough sunlight, you can discuss with your health care provider about suitable Vitamin D supplement for you. Vitamin D can also be found in some foods, although not in large quantities. These foods include oily fish, mushroom, egg, fortified milk, and cereals.

  • Physical activity: Inactivity contributes to a high risk for osteoporosis. Take some walk with your family this period. It is also an opportunity to bond with them. Climb the stairs, jog around the neighborhood. The idea is to engage in a form of activity that your body recognizes as exercise. This can aid in the development of strong bones and the prevention of rapid bone loss. Exercising can also help you maintain a healthy weight which supports your knees to balance your weight.

  • Tobacco and alcohol use: Studies have linked weak bones to tobacco usage. Also, a high consumption of daily alcohol can increase the risk for osteoporosis.

  • Balanced Diet: A balanced diet is a function of all the essential minerals and vitamins being present in your food. Fruits and vegetables are very easy to come by in our environment, ensure you are feeding well on them because your body sure needs what they have to offer. Asides Vitamin D contained in the fruits and veggies you take; they are also rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin K which play supportive roles in bone health. Dietary protein also impacts positively on bone health by increasing muscle mass and aiding calcium absorption.

Alongside eating balanced meals, one can also benefit from supplementation containing the right amount of calcium, vitamin D, Magnesium and Zinc essential for bone care. The Vitabiotics Osteocare formulation combines these elements in adequate levels giving your bones the much-desired nutritional support. The Osteocare supplement is also suited for Vegans and vegetarians. Two tablets per day and you have little to worry about fragile or weak bones.

Lastly, while there might be a lot of temptation to experiment new things and try new recipes with family and friends this season, be mindful that unhealthy lifestyle and meals do not serve your body well. You do not want to start the new year with joint pains, back pains, or any other form of bone issues. The secret is in what you continually feed your body. A healthy dose of Calcium, Vitamin D, exercise, and lifestyle will keep your bones strong and fit as you advance into the New Year.

I hope that you will be kind to your body as much as you share love to the world.

Merry Christmas!

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