The Secret of Bone Problems and Preventative Ways

Our bones support us and allow us to move. They protect our brain, heart, and other organs from injury. Our bones also store minerals such as calcium and phosphorous, which keep our bones strong, and release them into the body when we needed.

Did you know that women are 4 times more likely to develop osteoporosis than men?

As a Nigerian, if this is your first time reading about osteoporosis, it is a disease of the bones that causes bones to become weak and break easily. Osteoporosis affects mostly older women, but prevention starts when you are young. There are multiple reasons why women are more likely to get osteoporosis than men, such as women tend to have smaller, thinner bones than men.

Estrogen, a hormone in women that protects bones, decreases sharply when women reach menopause, which can cause bone loss.

Hunched backs, back pain, and frailty used to be things older women had to accept before doctors knew anything more about osteoporosis. However, the disease is preventable with a few tweaks to your lifestyle. The behaviors that women develop in their childhood, their adolescence, and in their early adult years really play a significant role in the development of the disease.

Factors Affecting Chances of Osteoporosis:

There are three major factors that affect your chance of experiencing osteoporosis: