The holiday season brings joy, happiness and often stress. As this season quickly approaches amidst another year in a global pandemic, it becomes even more important to focus on our health. During the holidays, there’s a lot of pressure to travel, shop, and be at every social gathering for weeks on end.

Tips to staying healthy during the holidays:

  • One of the ways to ensure we stay healthy during holidays, is to boost our immune system. Looking after your immunity is important throughout the year, not only in the winter months, which is even more important now due to the pandemic and the harmattan weather in some parts in Nigeria. The air is dusty and dry and could predispose one to some health conditions such as cold, flu etc.

  • Eat balanced diets with less carbs and more of fruits and vegetables. Serves as good source for vitamins and minerals.

  • Staying active and exercising; Exercise can reduce your risk of major illnesses such as coronary heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and cancer and lower risk of early death by 30%.

  • Good hand hygiene and social distancing to reduces Covid-19 infections.

Some important vitamins and nutrients that helps us to stay healthy

Vitamin A: Involved in protecting the mucous membranes of the mouth, nose, throat, and lungs from damage. The role of Vitamin A as an immune enhancer is well known. Sources includes dairy foods and eggs.

Vitamin D3: Recent research supports the effect of Vitamin D3 in helping to maintain a healthy immune system. Vitamin D is one of the most impo